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Vancouver, B.C.

With the Jolly Roger flying, and our Pirate crew at the ready, we venture forth seeking sunken treasure aboard a fifty foot pirate ship armed with twelve canons. From the sea battle to walking the plank, you will be amazed as our energetic crew taps into your child's imagination transforming him or her into a pirate complete with face painting tattoos and pirate gear. This 75-minute non-stop action filled sail is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Vancouver's exciting Granville Island and False Creek waterway in the heart of the city. Including:
  • discovering the treasure map
  • solving the maps secrets & mysteries
  • defending the ship with our water cannons against the evil "Pirate Pete"
  • surviving a mutiny
  • hauling the loot aboard
  • sharing the booty
  • singing a sea shanty, with a wee bit of grog
  • and generally living the adventure of a pirate for a moment of time.
"Arrr, you best be ready for a good time matey!"

See our Specials Page for a description of our new "Sunset with a Piraty Twist" sail.

Your Child's Safety is Our Number 1 Priority!

Our Vessel is Transport Canada inspected and approved and fully certified for passenger use.

All staff on board the vessel, under Transport Canada directives are trained for marine emergency procedures, marine first aid and safe vessel operation.

The Captain holds a Masters certificate and is fully certified to command this vessel. Life jackets for both adults and children are provided on-board in conjunction with emergency life rafts to accommodate all passengers, again to Transport Canada standards..

Fire protection and fire retarding devices meet and exceed Transport Canada requirements.

Pirate Adventures Canada is fully insured for your protection.

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    Sunset Cruise with no rain, is that even possible?, see our specials page!

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    in Vancouver, British Columbia
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